UNFSU Executive Elections 2019

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Vote for Polane, Manly-Spain and Galieva

Recruitment innovation and priority for internal candidates

We intend to work closely with key stakeholders and partners to offer proposals towards a recruitment system that is modern, objective and fair. Providing input towards the use of innovative technologies that will help facilitate

Health and Safety in the workplace

With the establishment of the new Department of Medical & Occupational Safety and Health, it is our aim to build strong links and also make sure mechanisms for staff to report back to us

Family friendly policies to help promote gender balance and improve work/life balance.

We are fully supportive of the plans to meet gender balance, and we are committed to give constructive input and proposals to achieve this. One of the key areas we believe can help facilitate better

Delegation of authority with strong accountability

One of the cornerstones of the current reform is the delegation of authority and decentralization of decision-making. This experiment is not new, as something similar was tried in the 90’s. For staff who have been

Global Service Delivery Model (GSDM) & other reform initiatives

Recognising that “GSDM” is a reform initiative that will have widespread repercussions to our constituents, we will ensure to work closely with our management counterparts to make sure that the approved Special Mitigating Measures will be applied fair and transparent

Active and effective engagement

Hello and welcome to our campaign site. We want to hear from you! Now that we have shared with you our manifesto and vision on how we intend to lead the FSU into the future

Samia Polane

Author: Samia Polane